As two new mothers, and friends for life, Kelly-Anne and Genevieve are a passionate team. They have both always had a desire to help and support other women and mothers. When Kelly-Anne was pregnant, she was spending lots of time looking for hospital bag essentials, and wanted to strive to make sure that whenever possible, all of the products were safe for baby, organic, and cruelty-free. This was the beginning stages of the idea for Luxury Labour Co. Genevieve was also pregnant at the same time, and when they joined forces, Luxury Labour Co. was born!

Not only that but they wanted to offer a product they felt passionate about, a bag that was stylish and practical, and also contained products that were natural & cruelty-free.

Being two working mama’s, they also wanted to support women and other mama’s, so wherever possible they aim to work with other like-minded mama’s and support products designed and made by other women-owned, Canadian small businesses. 





Gen is a loving wife and a new mama to her baby girl Maddison, whom she affectionately refers to as “mad dog” due to her quick temper. She worked in investments and business development for the majority of her ‘pre-mom’ career, and lived in several countries over the years satisfying her love for travel.

After having her first child she felt the need to take things in a different direction, and after having spent the most of her pregnancy fretting about what to pack, or when to pack or even how to pack her hospital bag she knew there had to be a solution!

Fast forward to a post pregnancy yoga class brunch with her old friend and now business partner Kelly-Anne. Kel had similar hospital bag struggles had suggested they take the issue away from pregnant mama’s everywhere and offer to do it for them! 








Kelly-Anne is a single mother to her baby boy, and has a Master’s degree in Psychology. She is a therapist in Vancouver, BC, and throughout her career has been involved working with victims of abuse, being a women’s advocate, working with young people who have caused harm to others, working with children, teens and their caregivers, and prevention and intervention of violence. Although she loves it, she still feels the need for a fun and creative outlet —- and here’s where Luxury Labour Co. comes in.  

After finding a gap in the market for quality, organic, cruelty-free hospital bag essentials, she started to explore, source, test, and try a spectrum of products. Her search included searching for women and mother run companies, sourcing Canadian products, and aiming to ensure that products used were environmentally and ethically sustainable. Her goal was to ensure that women had the opportunity to have all of these amazing products sourced, packaged and delivered to them.

We live in a society where we often forget to honour the importance of pregnancy, and the need to provide nurture and care for these mamas-to-be! Luxury Labour Co. wants to help ease the stress, worry, and help expectant mothers with preparing for their labour and delivery.