Most essential hospital bag item for your feet!

Socks! Your feet can get extra cold during labour, not to mention that hospital temperatures can be a bit unpredicatable. We LOVE the socks that we chose for our Mama Bags, because these are socks you can wear over and over again. They are the quintessential Canadian comfy, stylish socks! They are from a Canadian company, called Polar Piece, and they re the coziest. All of our Mama Bags come with this essential item to keep your feet warm, cozy and happy during your labour and delivery.

Another item for your feet that are essential for when you are in the hospital, are flip-flops. Hospital floors. Hospital Showers. The need to get your footwear on and off in a hurry. Need we say more? We include Canadian Malvados in our LUX bag. These can be used well beyond your labour and delivery and hospital stay. They are durable, stylish and super comfortable. Did we mention that there is also an awesome boss babe that owns this company and is based in our home town in BC?