Hospital Bag Essentials that you may not think about!

When I went into labour, I had my hospital bag ready to go. I truly thought I had thought of everything (and more), because I had seriously researched and read every “hospital bag essentials” list that was out there! Three items that I did not bring, that I later figured out would have been very helpful were: a folder to hold documents, a pen, and a notepad. I have NO IDEA that I would be recording all of my sweet little ones bowel movements, feeding times, and other (and every) little detail. Seriously. No one ever mentioned this to me. In fact, I remember that the nurse came in and started asking me what I had recorded, and I had no idea I was supposed to be recording anything (maybe someone told me? Maybe I was just sleep deprived? Maybe I was too busy staring at this piece of perfection who had just entered the world?). Either way, I did not have a pen, or a notepad.  

Folder. I was also ill-prepared for the amount of paperwork I would be given, and having a folder to keep it all organized and contained is a great addition to your hospital bag! A folder will allow you to keep the results of your newborns hearing test, postpartum resources, and any keepsake items you want to make sure you keep safe, all in one place! Genius.